Welcome to My Climate Diet!

About / Saturday, February 9th, 2019

Are you ready to shed unwanted pounds — or even tons? Of greenhouse gas emissions, that is. Then join me, Lisa Pettibone, as I go on a climate diet and talk about my successes and failures.

My Climate Diet is a new podcast that tries to help you be more mindful about your environmental footprint, without being depressing or preachy. Every week I focus on one real action that I am taking to help the planet, and talk about how to do it, share my experience, and show what difference it makes on the climate scales. I talk with all different sorts of people — from experts on household electricity or clean cosmetics to friends who have a great recipe for homemade almond milk

Going on a diet can be hard. But I hope to show that going on a climate diet can be a lot of fun.

Listen to My Climate Diet, weekly wherever you get your podcasts.

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