About Me

Lisa in the High Sierra

Hi, I’m Lisa Pettibone. I am a writer, teacher, lapsed political scientist, and sustainability geek. I was born and raised in the United States, but I’ve lived in Germany for the past ten years.

I worked the past several years in sustainability research. I am interested in learning what is happening to our planet’s natural systems, and why we as a global community are doing so little to protect them. As a political scientist, I focused on solutions in the political sphere. I have published several articles and a book on issues ranging from sustainability in cities to citizen science to education for sustainable development (in German).

But when the latest IPCC report came out, basically saying we have 12 years to stop everything we’re doing and get serious about climate change, I realized studying the problem isn’t good enough anymore. Research is too slow. I need to make a change now.

So I started a podcast. I’m giving my best shot to reduce my negative environmental impact. I want to get serious about doing my part and hope that by doing so, I can inform and inspire others to start their own climate diets. And hold me to mine.


Looking for my scientific publications? Here are some I’m especially proud of.