Episode 15: Reducing Food Waste with Emily Stubits

Climate Tips, Episodes / Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

This month I’m focusing on perspective, turning the podcast from My Climate Diet to Our Climate Diet. So far, I’ve answered questions from a listener about travel and green banking, and chatted with a former student about traveling with eco-sensibility. This week I talk with another former student about food waste. I’m excited to share my chat with Emily.

What’s giving me hope this week

The Guardian is publishing a great series on the United States of Plastic, which looks into plastic use in the United States. I’ve been reading a lot more about plastic lately, learning for example that Germany only actually recycles 11% of its plastic. I want to spend some time in the coming months on plastic, so stay tuned for more. What’s giving me hope this week, though, is an opinion piece by Roland Geyer, a professor of industrial ecology. He says that the way out of the plastics crisis is to stop trying so hard. In other words, if we really care about reducing the amount of plastic produced, and plastic pollution landing in our ecosystems and our bodies, the solution is easy: buy and use less plastic. This is something that works well with climate change and sustainability, too: buy and use less. And it reminds me of a nice movement within sustainability toward idleness. Saving the planet doesn’t mean adding more things to the to-do list. It means taking a few off and using the newfound free time to stop and smell the roses.

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