Year 2, Ep. 2: A Book-Buying Ban and Unread Shelves

Climate Tips, Episodes / Tuesday, January 28th, 2020

This week, I talk about my plan with my husband to stop buying books and DVDs for six months, and what this means for the climate (hint: not much). I talk more generally about deprivation as a source of joy and look into the Unread Shelf Project, which also includes book-buying bans as a way to get reading. And there are shout-outs to BookMooch, Emily Atkin’s HEATED newsletter, the podcast “Drilled: The Mad Men of Climate Change,” and the German-language podcast “Sauercrowded,” which features me as a guest in this month’s episode.

My Climate Diet
My Climate Diet follows Lisa Pettibone, a teacher, writer, and sustainability geek, as she goes on a new type of diet. It's all about shedding unwanted pounds — or tons — of carbon dioxide and finding a lifestyle that doesn't wreck the planet. Funny, personal, and informative, My Climate Diet provides real-life tips to help you slim down your carbon footprint.
Year 2, Ep. 7: Stay Strong with Can-Do Invitations
by Lisa Pettibone

With corona getting me down, I scrap my original plan of talking about the post-corona degrowth utopia to talk about scaled back ambitions and life in the new corona reality. Inside of giving myself a new challenge, I’m opting for can-do invitations. Plus, a lottery for basic income during the coronavirus crisis ( and more on the DC Environmental Film Festival (

Year 2, Ep. 7: Stay Strong with Can-Do Invitations
Corona announcement: DC Environmental Film Fest is streaming!
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